A Visit to Ilkley Moors

My hubby and I took a few days away in Yorkshire, actually Bradford,  last week.  We stay in Bradford, at the Dubrovnik Hotel.  A lovely family own hotel where the food was delicious.

Anyway, one of the places went exploring was a rock outcrop called, something like ‘the Crow and Cow’.  I may have the names the wrong way around.  Climbing to the top, we could see for miles and miles in all directions around you.  It was stunningly beautiful.  We forget, or certainly, I do, how the miles of beautiful countryside we have here in the UK.

We stumbled across a waterfall which is quite hidden away and I’m sure many people don’t manage to find.   Here are a couple pictures.





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On The Radio

Sandra Pollock BBC Radio Leicester

I hadn’t quite realised it until recently, but I’ve been doing some regular radio programmes on the BBC for more than two years now.

You know what it’s like when you get asked to do something.  Something you’ve always wanted to do and in all your excitement, you just jump right in and before you know it, so much time has gone by?  Well, that’s me and the radio thing.

I love any kind of public communication; you know, talking to lots of people live.  I prefer to do live over doing prerecordings. Live seems to work better for me.  Maybe because I have to think on my feet.  Too much planning beforehand and I lose the plot. 

More than two years ago I was asked by a local radio hero of mine, Herdle White if I’d be interested in getting trained up to cover his radio show when he was off.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Then through much practice, huge amounts of stress and frustration (including tears at times); learnt how to use two different desks, numerous buttons and levers, timings and timescales, news, & weather intros, not to mention research and logging for hundreds of songs to play, I got some opportunities to cover at first and then, six months ago, to do a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Leicester.

This has been a journey of many highs and lows. Much of which I won’t go into now, but I’m pleased to say that I have and am still doing one of the things of 101 list of things I want to do.  A radio show.  Well, doing one on the BBC is an amazing bonus. 

I am so grateful to Herdle White and everyone else who has helped, supported and encouraged me along the way.  Due to programming changes, I won’t be presenting the African and Caribbean show for much longer.  The station’s objective now is to create something new and different for a younger audience. This was the plan when I was asked to ‘hold’ the show’s slot until they [the senior managers] had figured out how and what they were going to do next.  It will certainly be bittersweet to leave in a couple weeks, but it has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity.  And I hope that I have served my community well during this time. 

Okay, truth be told.  The photo I’ve used here is one I don’t like at all.  It was taken at the Beeb to use for the show and we never got around to changing it.  I’m forcing myself to like it by using it here, but I’m not sure that’s working.  LOL!

What’s something you have on your list of things you’d like to do or achieve in your lifetime.  Have you done it yet?  Tell me about it. What was the experience like?



I’ve listed below some links to some of the programmes I’ve presented.  Hope you enjoy listening.  

15/05/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

08/05/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

24/04/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

17/04/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.




Sixpence -Sandra Pollock

I’m really excited to share with you news of my latest publication.

Sixpence is a series of short stories through which I share some of my experiences of living with an abusive parent.

A difficult thing for many adults to open us about, but the truth is many children still suffer in abusive home environments today.

Statics from the NSPCC tell us that around Over 51,000 children in England were identified as needing protection from abuse in 2017.  Having lived through the horrors of this, I believe that sharing my story as an adult might help raise the issue, support the look at its causes and bring about a small change for even one child.

Our past is our past.  We should not be ashamed for afraid of sharing it.  Doing so will show others that they are not alone.

‘I loved and hated the stories in Sixpence at the same time as it dragged me back kicking and screaming to the mind games that many children of migrants played struggling to balance issues in the home (poverty, lack of wider familial network, old-fashioned ideas and punishments) with plain old racism outside of it.’  Sonia Thompson

Copies are available here at SanRoo Publishing and retail at just £3.00 each plus postage.  To get your copy mail: editor.sanroopublishing@gmail.com

This pamphlet was written and published as part of my MA in Creative Writing which I am currently undertaking at the University of Leicester this year.  I am due to complete this course of study later in September.



Listening to the Messages Life Sends

imagesTrue reality (your true reality) can sometimes be so bombarded by the irrelevant, the distractions, the time stealers, the detractors, that you lose track of what it is, for you.
Sometimes it takes a life moment, an occasion or event that happens, to remind you how fragile life is, to help you remember what’s really important.
We all have them. We all need to have these moments, occasions.
The blessing is being able to recognise and act on them when they are just a little nudge and not a great tsunami of life.

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Loved A Dog And You Cry

dscf2987When you look out on your nice green lawn

And realise that you’ll never have to

Clear up pooh from your dog ever again,

And you burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

dscf0443When you see the plastic food bowl

And it’s washed and clean,

Without even a speck of food

Or a hint of dog slobber,

And you cry.

dscf2996When you see her lead on the side table,

You pick it up and hold it in your hands,

Remembering how willingly

She always let you put it on her,

And you cry.

Sandra Pollock & ChrissieWhen you come downstairs

And the space is empty,

A presence is missing,

And there are no bright eyes,

Happy smile and wagging tale to great you,

And you cry.

dscf0841When you know that the dearest,

Most patient, loving companion,

Will not be there to greet you

When you come home,

And you cry.

dscf3189When you know that she

Who would follow you forever, even when tired,

When you know those long peaceful walks together,

Are now put aside,

When you feel like your heart is breaking,

Missing her,

And you cry.

latest-pics-009When you remember the warmth

And love she gave you,

Will always be with you

In your heart, memories, experiences and love,

And you cry.

When even in cherishing the moments you’ve shared,

You know you’ve loved and that’s why you cry.

Copyright ©Sandra Pollock 2017

Finalist – The PRECIOUS Awards


I am extremely honoured to be a Finalist in the 2016 PRECIOUS Awards in the category of Women of the Year in Professional Services.

Sandra PollockThe PRECIOUS Awards recognise the work of women of colour across many sectors in the UK.

I will keep you posted on the results, but to be a Finalist in this category is pretty awesome.  Thanks to those who have been so kind as to put me forward in the nominations.