Sixpence -Sandra Pollock

I’m really excited to share with you news of my latest publication.

Sixpence is a series of short stories through which I share some of my experiences of living with an abusive parent.

A difficult thing for many adults to open us about, but the truth is many children still suffer in abusive home environments today.

Statics from the NSPCC tell us that around Over 51,000 children in England were identified as needing protection from abuse in 2017.  Having lived through the horrors of this, I believe that sharing my story as an adult might help raise the issue, support the look at its causes and bring about a small change for even one child.

Our past is our past.  We should not be ashamed for afraid of sharing it.  Doing so will show others that they are not alone.

‘I loved and hated the stories in Sixpence at the same time as it dragged me back kicking and screaming to the mind games that many children of migrants played struggling to balance issues in the home (poverty, lack of wider familial network, old-fashioned ideas and punishments) with plain old racism outside of it.’  Sonia Thompson

Copies are available here at SanRoo Publishing and retail at just £3.00 each plus postage.  To get your copy mail: editor.sanroopublishing@gmail.com

This pamphlet was written and published as part of my MA in Creative Writing which I am currently undertaking at the University of Leicester this year.  I am due to complete this course of study later in September.



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