Making Changes That Grow Roots [Kindle Edition]

Making Changes That Grow Roots
  • Wish you were able to take more control of your life?Want to achieve more balance and personal happiness?
  • Do you want happier relationships?
  • Need to find a better way to make things happen for you?
  • Looking for simple strategies to become your true self?
Here are some practical techniques and strategies to start you creating the life you want! Achieve a happier, more confident you!
Sandra Pollock’s’ practical, advice and supportive style has helped many of her clients make changes to their personal lives, develop stronger family relationships and improve their businesses.
In this book she shares some of the techniques and strategies she has used in her own life and continues to use to help her clients to bring about the change they want.
Making Changes That Grow Roots is a practical activity led book you will come back to time and again. You will want to share these techniques with your friends and family.
About the Author

 Sandra Pollock

CMgr, MCMI, DipM, MIC, AssocCIPD

Sandra has been a professional management consultant, trainer, coach and public speaker for over 20 years.  During this time she has worked with many individuals, large international corporations; government departments and small and medium size businesses (SMEs), helping them to develop effective strategies that work immediately, including change management and people development, to bring about the changes they want to see happen in their lives, business and organisations.
Sandra shares from her own direct personal life, business knowledge, experience and expertise, to help people develop and improve their personal and leadership behaviours.  She does this by working to unleash human potential: using a tool kit of coaching, mentoring, training, intuition, inspiration, motivation and networking.  Through her programmes she has been instrumental in supporting positive changes in many lives and the development and success of many businesses.
Sandra is also an inspirational, motivational speaker with an international client base which is growing every day; a regular guest on BCC Radio Leicester, CMI National Chair of Women in Management, and an active member of her local community.
Sandra has been the recipient of several awards including Finalist in the EMDA Growth Enabler Professional Excellence Award (2010); A Chartered Manager Award (2010); the Chartered Management Institutes (CMI) Outstanding Contribution Award (2009) for her work with Women in Management in the East Midlands; and the CMI’s President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement (2007).

Rage: A Fantasy Adventure [Paperback]

Rage and Thunder were not only brother and sister, but were the best of friends who couldn’t bear to live without each other. But Rage’s life falls apart when the evil Shadow Samurai kills Thunder, leaving Rage heart-broken and alone. Angered by her brother’s brutal murder, Rage is determined to avenge her brother’s death, starting a journey that will show her how powerful – and how close to her brother – she really is.

About the Author

Jerusha Barnett-Cameron has always had a wonderful imagination and has loved books and stories, even writing and illustrating her own before she began to go to school. This is her second book.

Vircover-Petal: Nothing is as it seems [Paperback]

A children’s fanty: A tale of a young heroine Vircover-Petal, born into a beautiful and extraordinary world, but one which is under threat of darkness.  How she finds out about herself and what she can do to change the conflict and the course of her planet.

About the Author

Jerusha Barnett-Cameron has always had a wonderful imagination and has loved books and stories, even writing and illustrating her own before she began to go to school. Now, at thirteen with time on her hands during the long summer holidays she wrote this, with the help of her cat Fluff and dog Chrissie; but, concealed it from the rest of the family until completed! Jerusha lives with her family in Leicestershire, England. She also plays the keyboard, loves TV and computer games.


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