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Loved A Dog And You Cry

dscf2987When you look out on your nice green lawn

And realise that you’ll never have to

Clear up pooh from your dog ever again,

And you burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

dscf0443When you see the plastic food bowl

And it’s washed and clean,

Without even a speck of food

Or a hint of dog slobber,

And you cry.

dscf2996When you see her lead on the side table,

You pick it up and hold it in your hands,

Remembering how willingly

She always let you put it on her,

And you cry.

Sandra Pollock & ChrissieWhen you come downstairs

And the space is empty,

A presence is missing,

And there are no bright eyes,

Happy smile and wagging tale to great you,

And you cry.

dscf0841When you know that the dearest,

Most patient, loving companion,

Will not be there to greet you

When you come home,

And you cry.

dscf3189When you know that she

Who would follow you forever, even when tired,

When you know those long peaceful walks together,

Are now put aside,

When you feel like your heart is breaking,

Missing her,

And you cry.

latest-pics-009When you remember the warmth

And love she gave you,

Will always be with you

In your heart, memories, experiences and love,

And you cry.

When even in cherishing the moments you’ve shared,

You know you’ve loved and that’s why you cry.

Copyright ©Sandra Pollock 2017
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Rainbows Make Feel Happy

Yesterday as I was driving along from one meeting to another I saw 5 rainbows.  I don’t think I can recall seeing that many rainbows in one day, in such a short period of time.

There is something about rainbows that I’m sure everyone must be able to appreciate.  Maybe there is something about looking up at rainbows or the fact that they are so full of happy colours.

So here are some pictures I was able to take of the last two rainbow I saw.

DSCF7510 DSCF7511 DSCF7512 DSCF7513 DSCF7515 DSCF7509

I loved the fact that this was a double rainbow. These are my very favoriate rainbow.

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I like surprises

I love surprises.  I like being surprised with pleasant things and I like surprising others even more.  I husbands birthday is coming up soon and I have cooked up a little surprise for him and I can’t wait to be able to share it with him.

The thing about surprises is that you always hope that the person you are surprising will be as excited about your gift as you are.

My husband is really good and surprising me and finding really wonderful things that I just adore.

I hope I get it right for him this time too.  I’ll let you know.


Oh by the way, as lovely as this picture is, we could not stretch to a new car, but there is a clue in there some where.

How are you with surprises?


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How do you change the world?

I was talk to my husband this morning about some of my plans and he made this comment which I thought was great.

At the time I was talking about not wanting to be perceived as pushy, which I don’t think I am. He said ‘Most people push to get things done, tilt the world so that it has to happen.’

A very interesting perception of how I operate from a person who knows me well.

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Fabulous start to the Year

I’ve had a fantastic start to the new year.  I am so excited about what more is ahead of me.

For those of you who may have been following my blogs you will recall I’ve mentioned that my daughter had written a book and had a publishing contract.  Well, we received the proof just before New Year.  There were only a few typos to be corrected and that has been returned to the publishers to be done.

So now we are just waiting for the finished product to be available on Amazon. It can be purchased as a paperback and an e-book.http://www.amazon.co.uk/Vircover-Petal-Nothing-Seems-Jerusha-Barnett-Cameron/dp/1906602115

It’s so exciting, I can’t contain myself.  this is a fantastic achievement.

Following in my daughters foot steps – lol  I have finally completed one the many books I have been promising myself that I would write and this should be available in the next month or so.  I will keep you up dated on this.  My book is in line with my area of work, self-development and training.

This week I’ve also lost 3 pounds, which is fantastic as I have only just started to increase the amount of physical activity in my day, and reduce the size of my meals.  So this is a good result.  I’m feeling more energetic and motivated.  I love the burn in your muscles when you push then just that bit harder. It’s fantastic.  If I exercise and I don’t feel this, then I know I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

Just came back in from a lovely brisk walk with my husband and our dog (actually she’s my dog and she let’s everyone know it).  So I’m feeling great as I sit and write this.

I have been writing some short story as well recently. I am looking forward to doing something with these at some point this year.

Today I finally found a myself another office.  No big, close to home and at an excellent price.  Can’t wait to move in next week.

And, and, I might have found myself some admin support.  Someone reliable and good. Fingers crossed!

Business is busier than it’s ever been and I am planning to start a new venture this year as well.

Exciting or what?!!

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Looking Forward to the New Year

The last few months of 2010 very probably the busiest I’ve been for sometime.

I’ve enjoyed working on a great contract for a multinational organisation but this has meant that a lot of my time has been taken up and there has been so much that I’ve been unable to do or to complete. So I am really looking forward to the New Year when I hope to have a little more time to catch.

As well as continuing to work with many of my existing clients I will be starting up a new on lone business. More of this to come in the new year, and I will be expanding my current online services to support my increasing number of overseas clients. We will also be extending our membership campaign and the member benefits.

So it’s going to be a great year and I am very excited about what we will be doing.

Do keep your contact open so that you don’t miss out.

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The things Friends Get You into

Friend of mine persuaded me to start a short story writing course with her on Monday. Now due to work commitments she can’t make it. I now have an 8 week course to do on my own.
So should I still go?

This was all a plan to bring some relaxation into both of our lives by doing something we’ve always wanted to do.
It was also about doing something together as friends. A friendship which is nearly 30 years deep.

So that are my thoughts about this now?

I wanted to do it any how. I’ll likely meet some nice creative folk. When I become a famous author I’ll take her out for dinner.
Okay I’ve persuaded myself, it sounds like a plan.
I’ll let you know how my endeavours go.

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Good Friends

I’ve come up to bed with the intention of get an early night and some well deserved rest, but as I sit here I am reflecting on the weekend.

First of all it was too short. This is always the case, but when you have some of your coaching clients on Saturday as well as in the week, it can make the weekend even shorter because your weekend really does not begin until your last appointment ends.
This was the case for me this weekend.

Without fail my reflection also takes me to a lovely late lunch on Saturday with a very dear friend. We have been friends for nearly twenty years and have been through many things, including marriage, children, different jobs. You name it, we shared it.

However, as happens as one grows older, although we keep in touch by phone on an almost weekly basis, the busyness of life has hindered us from meeting up as often as we used to do when we were younger.

So when I knew that my last appointment was going to finish around lunch time, as I was going to be out of the house already, I’d invite her to meet up for a bite to eat.

It was a great few hours. Chatting and catching up, not to mention reminiscing about when were younger. Then we used to spend very long hours talking, many a night into the wee hours of the morning. Even on week days when we’d have to get up and go to work later, but it did our hearts and souls good.

I must admit I do often miss those times and those chats. So it was lovely to be able to spend some time, just the two of us, without husbands or children and just have some girlie time. Fantastic.

It is amazing how time flies and things and people change, but one things that never does is the need for good trustworthy friendship.

She has always been there for the good and the not so good times. A friendship like this one is always good to have and to acknowledge.

Having those few hours out has made a very short weekend seem not so bad after all. A little ‘me’ time in a life time of ‘everybody’ else time is to be recommended.

Take time to replenish your energy; your heart; your mind; your spirit and you soul.

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Surprises and Opportunities

This has been a great week full of surprises and opportunities.

I am working with a very larger multinational corporation currently.  I have been brought in to develop and run some management training programmes.

There two things in the working environment that bring me a great deal of satisfaction and these are training and coaching.  Both are particularly rewarding because the amount of change that one can witness as it happens in the lives and minds of the people you are working wit; and secondly, the way you can sometimes drop a seed in the mind of the an individual, which given time can germinate, bringing about a dramatic change in their live, experience and direction.

I love helping other people to bring out what is so clearly deep within them.  It is a wonderful privilege .

This week I have been putting the final touches to the materials for the first set of  training materials for a workshop that I have been asked to run in a couple of weeks time.  I really enjoy developing training material.  I think it is because of the amount of time I can spend reading and researching topics.  I do wish I had much more time to spend writing than I do, but this is still great.  So this has been really great fun doing this so far.

Secondly, during the week I had the pleasure of attending a networking event for Women In Management in my local area.  It was great because it was a very rear occasion where I was not the organiser.  I was able to spend the time actually chatting with people as a guest and not a member of the management team.

I did have to give a brief speech in my capacity of National Chair, but that was quite a small role in comparison to my usual responsibilities.

What was even better was the opportunity to see the new team of organisers doing so well.  The guest speaker was the Regional Chair of the IBC John Cox, who I’ve known for a little while and who is an excellent speaker.  There were many new visitors and some regulars, and for me, it was great to spent a few hours in such warm, knowledgeable and supportive company.

My finally bit of delight this week was hearing about a piece I had contributed to just last month for the CMI following their research on the pay comparisons for female and male staff and the knowledge that even after 40 years of the equal pay act being in place in the UK there is still such a large pay gap that it will take another 57 years for women to receive the same level of pay for the same jobs as men.

I knew that the article would be placed in CMI literature, but I really had not had the time to check where else it might have been printed or taken up.  I should hasten to add at this point that my contribution was only a small part of the whole article and there were other people mentioned there in also.

As a result of a comment at the WiM Networking event, where someone mentioned this article, I thought I would Google myself, to see what had been put out there on the net \bout me.  I do this occasionally, as I think it is good to know what other people are saying about you.  Even if you do not agree, you can either give a response and have your say or make a knowledgeable and gracious decision not to respond.

The nice surprise I guess was finding out how far and wide my name had been spread as a result of that article.  Thanks to CMI and Women In Management (WiM).

In addition and I am sure, as a result of this article, along with some others I have been invited to take part in a panel discussion for the Guardian newspaper during the latter half of next week.  Fabulous. I will keep you posted on how this goes and where you can find out more about it.

If you would like to read more on the article I’ve mentioned above please use this link.  Your comments on the subject would be welcomed.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-11015445

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Most of us have far more courage to do extra ordinary things than we ever dreamt we possessed. Dale Carnegie.

Many times we look at others and are amazed by what we see them do, but we also have the capability to do the same or even more.

We all have a tremendous amount of courage within us. We read stories all the time about ordinary people who do amazing and extra ordinary things.
They just did what they knew to be right, the good that was in their heart. They just believed in themselves.

Actually many would tell you they did not spend too much time thinking about it, they just did it. Sometimes too much thinking is a discouragement.

What good in your heart to do today?

Its ordinary people who do courageous and extra ordinary things.

Surprise yourself today.