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Sandra Pollock BBC Radio Leicester

I hadn’t quite realised it until recently, but I’ve been doing some regular radio programmes on the BBC for more than two years now.

You know what it’s like when you get asked to do something.  Something you’ve always wanted to do and in all your excitement, you just jump right in and before you know it, so much time has gone by?  Well, that’s me and the radio thing.

I love any kind of public communication; you know, talking to lots of people live.  I prefer to do live over doing prerecordings. Live seems to work better for me.  Maybe because I have to think on my feet.  Too much planning beforehand and I lose the plot. 

More than two years ago I was asked by a local radio hero of mine, Herdle White if I’d be interested in getting trained up to cover his radio show when he was off.  I jumped at the opportunity.  Then through much practice, huge amounts of stress and frustration (including tears at times); learnt how to use two different desks, numerous buttons and levers, timings and timescales, news, & weather intros, not to mention research and logging for hundreds of songs to play, I got some opportunities to cover at first and then, six months ago, to do a weekly radio show on BBC Radio Leicester.

This has been a journey of many highs and lows. Much of which I won’t go into now, but I’m pleased to say that I have and am still doing one of the things of 101 list of things I want to do.  A radio show.  Well, doing one on the BBC is an amazing bonus. 

I am so grateful to Herdle White and everyone else who has helped, supported and encouraged me along the way.  Due to programming changes, I won’t be presenting the African and Caribbean show for much longer.  The station’s objective now is to create something new and different for a younger audience. This was the plan when I was asked to ‘hold’ the show’s slot until they [the senior managers] had figured out how and what they were going to do next.  It will certainly be bittersweet to leave in a couple weeks, but it has been a wonderful experience and a great opportunity.  And I hope that I have served my community well during this time. 

Okay, truth be told.  The photo I’ve used here is one I don’t like at all.  It was taken at the Beeb to use for the show and we never got around to changing it.  I’m forcing myself to like it by using it here, but I’m not sure that’s working.  LOL!

What’s something you have on your list of things you’d like to do or achieve in your lifetime.  Have you done it yet?  Tell me about it. What was the experience like?



I’ve listed below some links to some of the programmes I’ve presented.  Hope you enjoy listening.  

15/05/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

08/05/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

24/04/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.

17/04/2019 The African and Caribbean Show News and views from Leicestershire’s African and Caribbean community with Sandra Pollock.


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Loved A Dog And You Cry

dscf2987When you look out on your nice green lawn

And realise that you’ll never have to

Clear up pooh from your dog ever again,

And you burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

dscf0443When you see the plastic food bowl

And it’s washed and clean,

Without even a speck of food

Or a hint of dog slobber,

And you cry.

dscf2996When you see her lead on the side table,

You pick it up and hold it in your hands,

Remembering how willingly

She always let you put it on her,

And you cry.

Sandra Pollock & ChrissieWhen you come downstairs

And the space is empty,

A presence is missing,

And there are no bright eyes,

Happy smile and wagging tale to great you,

And you cry.

dscf0841When you know that the dearest,

Most patient, loving companion,

Will not be there to greet you

When you come home,

And you cry.

dscf3189When you know that she

Who would follow you forever, even when tired,

When you know those long peaceful walks together,

Are now put aside,

When you feel like your heart is breaking,

Missing her,

And you cry.

latest-pics-009When you remember the warmth

And love she gave you,

Will always be with you

In your heart, memories, experiences and love,

And you cry.

When even in cherishing the moments you’ve shared,

You know you’ve loved and that’s why you cry.

Copyright ©Sandra Pollock 2017
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An African Caribbean in the UK – A Personal View

This week Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered Stephen Lawrence, voiced her views on the issues of racism in the UK and in particular her ongoing concerns regarding how African Caribbean people in the UK are treated.

As an African Caribbean woman, who as made good progress in my career and business, I do still feel that I have to agree with her. It is unfortunate that not enough positive stories are found in main stream media on the achievements of the African Caribbean people in the UK.

I agree that in the main there is still a requirement for African Caribbean people to be  twice or three times better than their white counterparts in their chosen field.

Even as National Chair of Women in Management (WiM), an organisations which is part of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), I have found myself having to battle issues, attitudes and even racism within this organisation (CMI) on issues that relate to basic management and leadership.

Having raised issues of concern, with ample examples and supporting confirmations from others, it was me personally who was questioned; my credibility questioned; my right to even raise an issue was questioned; subtle threats were made to persuade me to drop complaints of mismanagement and racism. There was a blatant refusal to show any gratitude when findings showed that to raise those concerns what correct in the best interest of the organisation.  I still have not received an apology for the manner in which I was treated.

I also have no doubt that were these issues raised by one of my white counterparts the response would have been less adversarial. I would also add that I am sure there were gender issues tied up in the response as well, but we’ll leave that for another discussion. My appointment and tenure has received no public recognition by the organisation where as previous National WiM Chairs have.

This is only one personal example. There are many others that I can share from my own experience, as I am sure many others from non white ethnicities can as well. It does seem to be more racially problematic for those from African Caribbean heritage.

I pray for the day that we will truly be able to say that we treat people on the basis of their ability, strengths, experience and contribution solely and not on the colour of their skins only.

Just as we waste the skills and talents of 50% the Nation when we ignore or refuse to employ and develop women just because they are not men.  We disadvantage the whole Nation when we disregard people of colour, and in particular people from the African Caribbean communities just because of their ethnicity and colour.

We (the African Caribbean people) have contributed vastly to the UK through culture, art and economy.  A report by the DTI in 1997 stated that the number of small Ethnic Minority Business was around 3.7m and their proportional contribution to GDP was around 39.5%.

Now I know that these figures are likely to have changed by now and that these are made up of more than people from the African Caribbean Community, but my point is that this information is hardly ever shared widely.  There is no recognition for the fact that there are thousands of African Caribbean people working hard to build this Country. Albeit they are working just as hard as many other cultural groups, however, all that we regularly see and hear reported in main stream media are the minority who are less than law-abiding.

This continual negative reporting, bolsters the inaccurate opinion of those who would prefer to believe that the African Caribbean community is no good and have nothing to offer. But even when they do offer something good, as many of us do, it is taken over by others who then claim the glory for themselves.

It is such a shame that we do not yet have in the UK a political party who is prepared to be honest about all of the peoples of this nation or prepared to speak truthfully about the state of racism in this country.

We are not where we could be.  We have made some progress. More African Caribbean people are fighting the trend, pushing ahead and not being afraid to shout about what they believe and what they have and can accomplish in their chosen fields and it is making a difference, but far too slowly, and this is because those who are in positions of authority, be it in government or at the head of organisations, refuse to be honest, truthful or brave enough to do what’s right.

To read what Doreen Lawrence had to say use this link to the BBC News story

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How do you change the world?

I was talk to my husband this morning about some of my plans and he made this comment which I thought was great.

At the time I was talking about not wanting to be perceived as pushy, which I don’t think I am. He said ‘Most people push to get things done, tilt the world so that it has to happen.’

A very interesting perception of how I operate from a person who knows me well.

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Sometimes when we’ve not been fit for awhile and we want to get fit again it can be hard to start. But knowing what we should do and then doing it is a different thing.

So I decided to get fit again. I went back to using a technique that worked for me in the past. It is a technique that starts out slow and builds up.

We live in a world where we want everything quickly. But if we are realistic we know that this is not always possible.

One of my motivations for improving my fitness levels is the fact that I run my own business as a coach and a training I am always standing in front of people.

My clients look at the way I manage my own life. If I’m only an inspiration in my words but not also in my deeds then my own effectiveness is lessened.

I have also noticed the way people look it to you as you put more weight on. Unfortunately for many people human beings make judgements based on what they see long before they get to know the person. This is not correct and is something that should really be changes, but before we get close enough to know the person this judge has already been made.

In the corporate and business world and how you look, is just as important as how you perform. This can decide whether or not you get a business contract. However how you look comes long before how you perform. Looking the part therefore is paramount.

I personally like to be confident not only about my abilities that about the way I look so because I have become over time a little less confident in the way I look, the way my clothes fit me and the type of clothes I am able to where, I decided that it was time for me to pay attention to my health and my fitness. Not necessarily to lose a huge amount of weight, but to tone up my body so that my clothes fit me better, more comfortably and I feel more confident.

As I’ve already said the system I developed for myself is a start slow start slow burn way to increase my fitness level, but the effect on my body, my mind and my confidence grows rapidly. Knowing that I am doing something from me and something that I can easily manage is very confidence building.

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Learning to live

Are you using the learning cycle to help you get the ability, knowledge and skills to create the life you want?

The power of change is in your hands and mind.

The learning cycle: experience followed by reviewing that experience, then drawing conclusions, which leads us to a developing a hypothesis, which we subsequently test to see if we’ve got it right, which lead to us having an experience, and the cycle goes around again.

The growth of you – in your own hands.

Know however that your conclusions and your hypothesis can both be incorrect, that why you test them. This gives you more power to change you: your assumptions, actions, ideas, plans and opinions.

Don’t waste what you have. Take the time to learn. Use the learning cycle often and well.

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Fabulous start to the Year

I’ve had a fantastic start to the new year.  I am so excited about what more is ahead of me.

For those of you who may have been following my blogs you will recall I’ve mentioned that my daughter had written a book and had a publishing contract.  Well, we received the proof just before New Year.  There were only a few typos to be corrected and that has been returned to the publishers to be done.

So now we are just waiting for the finished product to be available on Amazon. It can be purchased as a paperback and an e-book.

It’s so exciting, I can’t contain myself.  this is a fantastic achievement.

Following in my daughters foot steps – lol  I have finally completed one the many books I have been promising myself that I would write and this should be available in the next month or so.  I will keep you up dated on this.  My book is in line with my area of work, self-development and training.

This week I’ve also lost 3 pounds, which is fantastic as I have only just started to increase the amount of physical activity in my day, and reduce the size of my meals.  So this is a good result.  I’m feeling more energetic and motivated.  I love the burn in your muscles when you push then just that bit harder. It’s fantastic.  If I exercise and I don’t feel this, then I know I’m not pushing myself hard enough.

Just came back in from a lovely brisk walk with my husband and our dog (actually she’s my dog and she let’s everyone know it).  So I’m feeling great as I sit and write this.

I have been writing some short story as well recently. I am looking forward to doing something with these at some point this year.

Today I finally found a myself another office.  No big, close to home and at an excellent price.  Can’t wait to move in next week.

And, and, I might have found myself some admin support.  Someone reliable and good. Fingers crossed!

Business is busier than it’s ever been and I am planning to start a new venture this year as well.

Exciting or what?!!

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Looking Forward to the New Year

The last few months of 2010 very probably the busiest I’ve been for sometime.

I’ve enjoyed working on a great contract for a multinational organisation but this has meant that a lot of my time has been taken up and there has been so much that I’ve been unable to do or to complete. So I am really looking forward to the New Year when I hope to have a little more time to catch.

As well as continuing to work with many of my existing clients I will be starting up a new on lone business. More of this to come in the new year, and I will be expanding my current online services to support my increasing number of overseas clients. We will also be extending our membership campaign and the member benefits.

So it’s going to be a great year and I am very excited about what we will be doing.

Do keep your contact open so that you don’t miss out.

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The blogging addiction?

At the end of the day; after work, rest and play, I find I feel the need to write about my day.

I don’t always do this, as I don’t always have the time, but the desire is there, the desire is strong.

Is this due to the blogging movement? The opportunity to share with the world our smallest thoughts and deeds? Has this in turn become our greatest need?

Sometimes I have no idea what I want to write, just the driving need to write.

What stops me at times is that same knowledge, there, clear in my mind; that every thought and deed shared with the world can not be left behind.

Food for thought. Saver this then when we decide to write, to blog those secret thoughts there in our mind. That it remains out there for all to find, to use, to share, to twist and wined. To change, to misuse what was once only there in the mind.

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Star Date 2010 10 27

Today I am very tired and need to get away from every thing, but can’t.  I hate getting things wrong and doing anything that upsets anyone else.  I know, really bad trait, but there you go, it’s one of mine.

Was trying to help someone today and they did not see it that way and accused my of undermining them.  This was certainly not my intention.  Maybe both of us are feeling over worked and tired.

It’s one of those situations when you would like to call up and speak to them, but fear it might just make things worse so you leave it, but you still feel bad about it.

Anyway I have apologised and hope that will be acceptable.  Saying all of that I have tried to meet up with this individual but they cancelled because they were too busy, yet accuse me of not sharing my strategy with them.  Have I missed something.  Yes, I have, either they or I or even both of us are clearly far too senstive at the moment.  If you do nothing they say you are not helping and when you try to help they say you are interfering.  Can’t win for loosing on occasion.

I need to take a step back and get some rest.

Seems to be a familiar trend of my own conversations with myself coming through here some how.

Anyway, feel better  now though, having talked or typed it through.  What will be will be.

Decision for the New Year.  Give us all voluntary work and focus on my business.  Nothing paying, nothing doing. Hummm.  Maybe a little too harsh.  We’ll see….