Looking Back


Looking back is looking forward, as long as you know what to keep and what to let go.

Take only what you need for growth, joy and peace.

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Loved A Dog And You Cry

dscf2987When you look out on your nice green lawn

And realise that you’ll never have to

Clear up pooh from your dog ever again,

And you burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

dscf0443When you see the plastic food bowl

And it’s washed and clean,

Without even a speck of food

Or a hint of dog slobber,

And you cry.

dscf2996When you see her lead on the side table,

You pick it up and hold it in your hands,

Remembering how willingly

She always let you put it on her,

And you cry.

Sandra Pollock & ChrissieWhen you come downstairs

And the space is empty,

A presence is missing,

And there are no bright eyes,

Happy smile and wagging tale to great you,

And you cry.

dscf0841When you know that the dearest,

Most patient, loving companion,

Will not be there to greet you

When you come home,

And you cry.

dscf3189When you know that she

Who would follow you forever, even when tired,

When you know those long peaceful walks together,

Are now put aside,

When you feel like your heart is breaking,

Missing her,

And you cry.

latest-pics-009When you remember the warmth

And love she gave you,

Will always be with you

In your heart, memories, experiences and love,

And you cry.

When even in cherishing the moments you’ve shared,

You know you’ve loved and that’s why you cry.

Copyright ©Sandra Pollock 2017