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Loved A Dog And You Cry

dscf2987When you look out on your nice green lawn

And realise that you’ll never have to

Clear up pooh from your dog ever again,

And you burst into uncontrollable sobbing.

dscf0443When you see the plastic food bowl

And it’s washed and clean,

Without even a speck of food

Or a hint of dog slobber,

And you cry.

dscf2996When you see her lead on the side table,

You pick it up and hold it in your hands,

Remembering how willingly

She always let you put it on her,

And you cry.

Sandra Pollock & ChrissieWhen you come downstairs

And the space is empty,

A presence is missing,

And there are no bright eyes,

Happy smile and wagging tale to great you,

And you cry.

dscf0841When you know that the dearest,

Most patient, loving companion,

Will not be there to greet you

When you come home,

And you cry.

dscf3189When you know that she

Who would follow you forever, even when tired,

When you know those long peaceful walks together,

Are now put aside,

When you feel like your heart is breaking,

Missing her,

And you cry.

latest-pics-009When you remember the warmth

And love she gave you,

Will always be with you

In your heart, memories, experiences and love,

And you cry.

When even in cherishing the moments you’ve shared,

You know you’ve loved and that’s why you cry.

Copyright ©Sandra Pollock 2017
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Why knitting is the me-time choice for today’s busy mums

I found this really interesting link on knitting.

I love knitting, but I would not say I’m the best at it yet, but I certainly have fun learning to be better.   Just need to find more time for it.

Knitting a really peaceful past time.  I remember my mother trying to teach me to knit and crochet when I was a child, but I really did not have the patience for it then.  I can’t say I have much more patience now, but I do enjoy it more.


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Some Days…

Some days are made for fun,

Seem only to bring rain.

Some days you feel like number one,

Some you wish had not begun.

Somehow its only with friends and those who care,

That make any day a good one to share.

I’m glad I can share them all with you.

This was actually written on a day when I was very stressed from work.

It’s funny what stress can do to people yeah.

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Being Away From Home

I love all the many things I do in my business, socially and on a voluntary basis. However, one of the things I never seem to get used to is being away from home. For me this is an unfortunate requirement.

I sort of live in a bit of a paradox when it comes to this, as I am really happy and excited about whatever it is that I’ve agreed to do, that will take me away from home, but I just hate having to be somewhere else.  Do you experience the same thing?

This weekend, or should I say Friday night and Saturday, I am away at the Branch Conference for one of the organisations I do voluntary work with and although it’s really not too far from home, about 45-50 minutes drive or so, the fact that I’ve agreed to stay over on the Friday night is horrid for me.

I’m trying to be realistic and think about it logically and unemotionally, to find out why I hate having to be away from home so much.  I mean there are benefits, such as I can have a little time away from the responsibilities of home life, not that that is a real issue, but a break can be nice.

In addition, I do enjoy the time to relax with, for the most part, like-minded people, have a laugh and get to know some of my peers a little better.  Most of time we spend together is usually focussed on dealing with or addressing certain issues, in a limited time frame, so there is very little time for relaxed socialising, which was the reason for the Friday night stay over, but I’m still missing home.

Or I wonder if it’s just that I like my home comforts a little too much.  When you are travelling around and staying at different places, you have to re-adjust how you do things, what you think about, in some cases consider what you will wear without the option to change your mind – taking the whole wardrobe is just not always a convenient thing to do.

Then there is the issue to being away from my family.  In particular the just having them there to talk, laugh, tease and have fun with.  I think sometimes you can forget how much you depend on each other for even the small things – the regular hugs, the knowing and supportive glances in midst of activities and conversations, the encouragement and not the forget the regular hugs for no apparent reason.  Oh I think I’ve mentioned the regular hugs already, but there are clearly quite important.

I get a tremendous amount of love and support from my family members and I would never want to be without it.

I guess looking at it now brings home (pardon the pun) the importance of valuing what I have and a benefit of going away from home occasionally is that it reminds me of just much I love and appreciate my immediate family, how important they are individually and as a team.

Oh well, I guess that unfortunately being away from home regularly is almost a fact of life these days for many of us, and as we are very social beings, us humans, it is something that many of us will invariably find uncomfortable, even if occasionally necessary.

Off to get ready for breakfast and an interesting day a the conference.

Silly things

Doing Something Silly

Have you ever done something that you thought was really silly. Something that you thought you’d never do; something you would say is not like you; not what you would expect of yourself?

Well if your answer is yes, I would really like to know about it, because if nothing else, it would let me know that I am not the only silly person on earth.

I had been invited to attend an awards dinner. I was happy to have received the invitation and really looking forward to it.

I registered the date in my mind and put the letter in my diary on the date, just to ensure that I would not forget it.

So the day arrived. It was quite a busy day and I spent most of it working in another City from the one I live in. About an hours drive home during rush hour. It was a bit of a push, but I managed it.

Sorted the family, got dressed, whilst driving my husband insane, as I tried to find something suitable to wear to a black tie dinner. He is the most patient man in the world. He ran around helping me choose different outfits from the wardrobe; zipping and unzipping me at least 20 times; then ironing my dress after I had finally decided what I was going to wear.

At last I was ready. Oh did I mention that he got my shoes from down stairs and brought them up to me?

My husband ordered pizza for him and the children, turned my car around in the drive, so I could drive straight off and sent me on my way with a kiss. I know, he is a saint.

I was running just slightly late, I hate being late, but tried not to allow myself to get too stressed, as I know this is not a good thing when driving. Earlier in the week I had heard of someone who had died in a traffic accident last year. Left his wife at their shop and went off home, but never arrived. These thoughts tend to hang in your mind when you learn about this type of accident. I’ve got too much to live for.

Any way, thankfully I arrived at the venue for the event safely and parked the car.

As I was about to go in, I thought I would look at my invitation.

Can you guess what I am going to say?

Yes, you are correct.

I got the day wrong. The date was right, but I was only a month out. Of all the things that could have happened, I was one month ahead of myself.

I got back into the car and drove home, thinking to myself ‘I am now going to have to tell my husband that after all the stress I put him through, it was the wrong month.’ I can’t say that I was looking forward to that.

I would also have to explain to the children why I have returned home.

The embarrassment of it all!

Fortunately for me I have a very forgiving husband and wonderful children. We all made a joke out of it and they shared their pizza with me. It’s good to have a place where you are accepted even when you’ve done something clueless.

Okay, I’m going to have to admit that I am human or at the very least have human traits.

Maybe I need to ensure I get enough rest. I’m blaming it on a week of working very long hours. I’m talking about finishing work at 1:30 am and getting up again around 6:30 am. I guess that would do it.

Silly event of the week over…..